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Our administration, being the best taxi service in Bern, likewise covers the travel of every part of the Bern. At taxi Bern service, your visits can be immaculate and continuous on the off chance that you pick us as your transportation administration supplier. All you need to do is download taxi Bern app in your smart digital devices, and we will send you the vehicle with the best driver.
We strive for greatness in satisfying our customers with our brilliant service. We take every ride as an opportunity to improve. This complex task is not possible without our accomplished manpower. Our drivers are experienced, know all the routes of Bern and other neighborhoods around the area. Our officials are fluent in English and local languages to help our customers.


we are a professional european taxi company

we are operating in Bern city , Switzerland right now

Customer Satisfaction 100%

all our customers are happy

Reaction Time 97%

we have available cars almost 100% of the time

City Coverage 45%

we're expanding everyday, but we still need time 🙂

Why us?

currently we are operating in bern city of switzerland

We believe in delivering the best service and more than expected. Our officials treat our customers with at most courtesy and respect. They are ready to help in any way possible. From handling your door to door planned journey to manage your instant outings, we stand at your service anytime anywhere across the Bern.

Easy to access our service.

Easy to navigate through our cabs.

Affordable price on the go.


our vehicles

we have a selection of 3 different types of taxis

different vehicle types depending on your needs and occasions.

town taxis

hybrid taxis

limousine taxis

our drivers

all our drivers are professionals:


experienced drivers with skills


drivers from any races and social circles


trained to perfection – you can test their skills today

if you are interested in joining our team feel free to drop us a line or register in our "driver initiative"

register here

we are city cab

travel safer, faster
and comfortable!


24/7 we are at your

for any queries or requests drop
us a line here

to the core!


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