If you regularly order taxis to the same address in Berlin, you can deposit your phone number and up to three pick-up addresses once and free of charge. So even in peak times, you can conveniently order your taxi past the queue.

The system now recognizes you as a regular customer and you select one of the previously stored addresses with the keys 1 to 3. You will also be automatically informed about the estimated time of arrival of the taxi. This will save you even more time.

Telebooking – taxi order easy.

Is your phone number transferred? Then make it easy in the future. Deposit your address and phone number once and completely free of charge and save valuable time with the taxi order.
Choose your taxi order number as usual. The TeleBooking system recognizes your phone number and you can order your taxi with a single touch. Without waiting. Our system will immediately tell you the estimated time of arrival of your vehicle.

This is how TeleBooking works

TeleBooking is now supported and offered by most of Berlin taxi radio stations. Register today at Taxi Berlin for the TeleBooking and save time in future with every taxi order.

  1. Select the phone number as usual (031) 53 55555
  2. Your phone number is automatically recognized by the system
  3. Press either one of the numbers 1 to 3 to select the pickup address and the order will be transmitted immediately. Or you can connect to the call center with a keystroke on the “0”.


Information about TeleBooking

You can reach the team from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm at the telephone number: (031) 53 55555.

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